Education Service


  • Magnetic Block Magic Cube

    Magnetic Block
    Magic Cube

  • Magnetic SOMA Cube

    SOMA Cube

  • 3D Puzzle

    3D Puzzle

  • Workbook(Kindergarten,Elementary School)

    Elementary School)

Program Overview

  • Basic

    • Understanding shapes
    • Making shape right arrow Viewing shape
  • Advanced Level

    • 3D puzzle
    • 3D modeling
    • 3D structure
  • Creativity

    • Dimensional table
    • Make expressions by theme / Make puzzles

Diagnosis of space perception ability

  • Competency diagnosis by creativity, imagination, concentration, thinking ability, numerical ability, and type of space perception ability
  • Conformity degree between self-diagnosis and competency diagnosis
  • Conformity degree between competency diagnosis results and aptitude
  • Aptitude-based career counseling
  • Diagnosis process: Pre-diagnosisright arrowParticipate in education programright arrowCompetency development diagnosisright arrowCounseling over the result