Pioneer in talent development programs to design the future through the development of
three-dimensional formative skills

Magic Cube is a learning tool used at educational institutions such as kindergarten, daycare center, elementary school, etc.
as a brain development program that improves creativity, concentration, space perception ability and comprehensive thinking
power through the course of creative plays of dimensional formative activities. Magic Cube is designed based on the basic
forms of shapes and the original rotating magnet structure, which enables kids to express
their imagination easily, freely and creatively.

Magic Cube will remain dedicated to providing the best solution and the best service so that our young talents
who aspire to design the future and move forward can develop their curiosity and gain a sense of accomplishment through interesting
play processes while nurturing their dreams.

Corporate Philosophy

  • creative thinking

    In creative thinking,
    we can find new values

  • passionate challenge

    New values can be realized
    from passionate challenge.

  • sharing of values

    The realized values must be shared
    by everyone who have been together
    for its realization

Educational Philosophy